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                             Email:    Phone: (484) 643-0407

                               Height: 5’ 3”    Weight: 115 lbs    Hair: Dark Brown    Eyes: Hazel


Third Wheel (web series: dir Matthew Hazen)                                                         Co-Star                                                                   Simple Stupid Productions                           

If You Only Knew (dir. Kelly Wydryk)                                                                         Lead                                                                        Columbia MFA

Smoke Out (dir. Geoff Erb)                                                                                                Lead                                                                        NYU- Film/Television

Ira & Abby (dir. Gary O. Bennett)                                                                                    Lead                                                                         Stonestreet Studios

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (dir. Gabe Frye-Behar)                                           Lead                                                                         Stonestreet Studios

Fool For Love (dir. Will Mayo)                                                                                         Lead                                                                        NYU- Film/Television



The Authoress (dir. Sharifa Williams)                                                                          Fiona                                                                       Between Us Productions Take Ten Festival

Joe's Pub- CDP Anniversary Concert                                                                            Soloist                                                                     CDP Productions (NYU Grad Musical Theatre)

Actoria at the Astor Room                                                                                                 Soloist                                                                     Actoria

Cranky Cabaret                                                                                                                    Soloist                                                                     Cranky Cabaret

Bound for Broadway Cabaret                                                                                         Soloist                                                                      JD Productions

Uneven Surfaces (dir. Derek Thomas Butts)                                                              Madeleine                                                             Obligatory Theatre  (Staged Reading)

Summertine Sadness (dir. Grady Gund)                                                                      Jade                                                                          Tiny Rhino: Songs of Summer

The Last Day of the Crossdressers’ Mafia                                                                   The Chin/Samantha McMutton                     Tiny Rhino: Home for the Holidays

Missing Parents (dir. Sam Pinkleton)                                                                           Ruby                                                                         NYU Grad. Musical Theatre Workshop

Rainbow Valley (dir. Robert Heller)                                                                              Faith                                                                         NYU Grad. Musical Theatre Workshop

Hatter (dir. Robert Heller)                                                                                                 Underlandian                                                       NYU Grad. Musical Theatre Workshop

Tick…tick…BOOM! (dir. Walter Ryon)                                                                         Rosa                                                                          NYU Tisch School of the Arts                      

Grand Hotel (dir. Alan Muraoka)                                                                                    Grushinskaya                                                       NYU Tisch School of the Arts      


Grease                                                                                                                                    Sandy                                                                       Avon Grove Theatre   

My Fair Lady                                                                                                                       Eliza Doolittle                                                        Avon Grove Theatre

Beauty and the Beast                                                                                                        Babette/Belle U.S                                                  Premier Centre for the Arts                         

Urinetown                                                                                                                            Little Becky Two Shoes                                      The Red Brick Players                

Beauty and the Beast                                                                                                        Silly Girl/Feat. Dancer                                        Twisted Art

West Side Story                                                                                                                   Anita                                                                         Avon Grove Theatre

West Side Story                                                                                                                   Anybodys U.S/Shark Swing                             Three Little Bakers Dinner Theatre               

Pippin                                                                                                                                     Fastrada                                                                  Twisted Art

Li’l Abner                                                                                                                               Carmen                                                                   Avon Grove Theatre

West Side Story                                                                                                                   Shark Girl                                                               Twisted Art

Les Misérables                                                                                                                    Ensemble                                                               Twisted Art               


New York University- Tisch School of the Arts [BFA in Drama]


Acting:     NYU- TSOA- Stonestreet Studios (Film, TV, Commercial, Voiceover)

                                                - Ted Sluberski, Andy Roth, Gary Bennett, Chris Modoono, Zach Galligan, Jenn McCabe, Valerie Kingston-

                   NYU- TSOA- CAP21 (Musical Theatre)

                                               -Josie Whittlesey, Doug Hall, Lee Roy Rogers, Erin Ortman, Aimée Francis, Sean Dougherty, Tom Pacio-


Voice:      NYU- Tisch School of the Arts- CAP21

                                              -Heather Petruzelli, David Kelso-


Dance:     NYU- Tisch School of the Arts- CAP21- Advanced Dance Level

                                                -Lori Leshner, Christine Dhimos, Michael Raine, Maria Davidson, Marilyn D’Honau, Lloyd Culbreath-

                  Longwood Performing Arts: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-hop, Tap, Modern


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